When you set about selling your Worcester County house, it’s good to embrace the kind

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of resolute outlook that’s served you well in other pursuits. That’s great, so long as you keep in mind that when it comes to selling a house, in addition to being a serious business pursuit, it is also one that comes with significant emotional factors. Not just for the potential buyers but also for you, the seller. That reality is the source of the first of these five main taboos that can complicate an otherwise flawless effort toward selling a house in Central MA:

  1. Getting emotionally over-involved. Since almost everyone who is selling a house that they have lived in for a long time is somewhat tied to the place, you can’t expect them to be totally disconnected from its sale. But when a seller can’t distance him or herself sufficiently from what is in fact, solely a financial decision, it’s harder to make a sound business judgment. Self-check hint: if you feel your stress level rising at any mention of a defect in your property, you may be falling prey to this one!
  2. The odor thing. This taboo is frequently called a woops realization: the lingering odors of cigarette smoke, pets, mildew, and the like are sometimes thought to be the most undeniable factor to slam the door on a sale before it even gets started. Extra hint: if the chef in the family is going to experiment with some exotic culinary experiment, best not to conduct it on the night before a showing or open house!
  3. Not too much explanation needed. Creepy crawlies need to find other accommodations and, as warmer weather approaches, keep the fly swatters handy.
  4. Being there. The property is yours until the last ‘i’ is dotted and the last ‘t’ crossed, but if you are anywhere in sight during a showing, visitors can’t help but feel that they are just guests in someone else’s home. Since it’s important to help prospects envision themselves as happy owners of your house and, the less in evidence the current
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    owners are, the better. It’s why you remove family artifacts to prepare for showings. If the object is to allow the visitors to hang around as long as possible to actually get a feel for the place, make sure you make plans to return after I’ve sent you the all-clear!

  5. That wallpaper. This one is mentioned by many of real estate’s don’t go there pundits, although I find that it is growing rarer as time passes. But if you have secretly come to hate some overly busy wallpaper in a particular room, assume it could take your prospective buyers less time to arrive at the same opinion. It can have a peculiarly off-putting effect on some, giving the whole house a dated feeling. So when in doubt, lose the paper.

These five no-no’s are easy to eliminate if you recognize them as integral parts of selling your Central MA house. Selling your house is a team effort all the way and the first step is drawing up the game plan. In other words, giving me a call!…..Realty Ace, LLC

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