Worcester County real estate investors include a subset that’s more common than you

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might think: the unplanned ones. The press calls them “accidental investors” but that’s unfortunate. Let’s face it: when you read “accidental investor,” it raises up mental images of a car crash. Or falling down stairs. Or failing to smell a gas leak…

The phrase is inappropriate. When you think of accidents waiting to happen, the last thing you think of is Central MA real estate. Yet the phrase “accidental real estate investors” continues to pop up to describe individuals made property owners through chance even though that turn of fate does, in fact, turn out to be beneficial. More than anything, that’s a happy accident!

Accidental real estate investors can be created because of any number of common situations. Sometimes, inheritance plays a role. If a family home is willed to children whose careers have taken them far from town, time may need to pass before a coherent decision is best made about the disposition of the property. Perhaps the accidental investor will ultimately choose to sell. In that case, because distance can cause a special

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complication, it’s important she or he team with a Realtor® who knows how important prioritizing communication can be.

Town’s accidental real estate investors would better be described as fateful, or unplanned, or even destined real estate investors, but that’s not going to happen any time soon. What might happen any time at all is your own decision to join the prosperous ranks of Worcester County’s deliberate real estate investors. A thoughtful, planned first step is to give me a call to check out the inviting possibilities that are out there this summer. They’re waiting, right now!…..Realty Ace, LLC

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