Well, here are a three graphics that depict current market conditions and I won’t need housing supplythree thousand words to describe them. If you’re planning to sell your home, the time is now! The supply of homes currently for sale is less than the the number of buyers who want to purchase a home right now. This makes your chances for a successful sale much greater, simply because of the lack of market competition. If that doesn’tbuyer traffic motivate you as a seller take a look at the buyer traffic figure and look at Massachusetts. WHAT, MORE GOOD NEWS FOR SELLERS! That’s right, buyers have access to great mortgage terms and rates giving more of them the opportunity to purchase a home of their own.

fannie may requirementsP.S. That’s also good news for buyers.

If you want to sell but you’re not sure what direction you should take, whatever you do don’t use a Tates compass, because “He who has a Tates is lost!” (smile).

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