There is something about summer that gets everybody at least thinking about fixing up

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the house, and it’s that time of year again. Throughout Worcester County, home décor decisions are being pondered. Ambitious landscaping and fix-up plans are being set, budgets drawn, and troops assembled (the troops will be armed with paint brushes and rollers, hedge clippers and rakes).

Perhaps it’s the weather; perhaps the angle of the sun or for whatever the reason, this time of year is when we look around the house and decide changes should be made.

It’s also the time of year when occasional disagreements between Central MA’s husbands and wives have been known to crop up. The Home Improvement section of the REALTOR® web site recently ran a feature titled “When Couples Disagree About Home Décor.” The article points out that women have different priorities than men. The woman who wrote the article says that she wins the décor argument (just like in my house).

If your home décor efforts are getting special attention this selling season because you plan to add your home to the list of dwindling Central MA listings, “what’s hot” might suddenly be more of a consideration. But a different home décor impasse can come about when the fashion zeitgeist points in one direction while your personal taste pulls in another. Even worse, you may find that home stagers can disagree among themselves!

The Realty Skinny says, for instance, that gray is about to overtake white in popularity (simultaneously also “pushing out the beige era”). That’s not a problem for The Washington Post, which agrees that “gray makes all your possessions pop out” which, for me works unless you already have a lot of gray now (furniture, wall hangings, etc. On the

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other hand, the Pantone Color Institute, which practically wrote the book on color, couldn’t disagree more. They think that pinkish Rose Quartz (“warm, embracing”) and faintly bluish Serenity (“calm-inducing”) are what’s happening right now. In fact, it/they are its Color(s) of the Year. That is because “the pairing brings a feeling of calm and relaxation into the home environment.” That would be welcome especially when you’re freaked out about the indelible stain on the rug.

You don’t have to be selling your home for home décor tweaks and garden renewal to occupy your thoughts, but if you do, I hope you will give me a call. My free, no-obligation consultation will let you in on the latest Central MA market information. I think you’ll agree that knowing exactly what’s happening has a definite calming effect! …..Realty Ace, LLC

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