Selling your Worcester County home is the kind of major undertaking that has so

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many aspects, just deciding where to start can delay the launch. Since there is no actual “right” place to begin, like other huge projects, just digging in anywhere will do. The happy truth is that when you’re selling a home, once one’s energy gets going, the rest of the pieces tend to fall into place.

To get started, here is a pre-sale checklist of major activities that selling your Central MA home will involve. To get underway, pick any one:

  • Irritating problem of purging. Not many of us attend to every home repair problem as they progressively develop. If there were a dependable poll on the subject, I’d guess that 95% of our area homeowners have at least a two or three issues that we’ve learned to live with, but which will need to be addressed before we get into selling our home. Identifying them is a pre-sale first step, then fixing them is the step that transforms the idea of selling your home into reality.
  • First impression assessment. Whenever you return home you have the opportunity to begin on what will become your marketing approach. Do this by stopping and seeing what kind of first impression your property makes on someone setting eyes on it for the first time. What seems least fresh and attractive? Is it fencing that could use a quick coat of paint? A planter that needs colorful blossoms? The numerals on the mailbox? Selling your home starts with favorable first impressions.
  • Lights! Camera! Action! A crucial component to get prospective buyers crying out for a showing is the photography that highlights your listing. To start preparing for that, pick a room, any room and stage it: clear it of unneeded objects, furniture, etc. This will involve figuring out where to store the objects that you want to keep, but which muddle up the visual appeal and once you’ve identified where they will be stored, you’re seriously on your way to selling your home.

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  • Getting down to business. Educating yourself about the competition means taking a look at this summer’s home-grown listings to get a feel for where the market is. Which similar homes have just sold, and which haven’t moved for months? Your home may not be ready for market for a while, but the earlier you start acquainting yourself with today’s Central MA real estate market, you better your chances that your listing price will be right.
  • Departure strategy. (My favorite of all) Be prepared to move! Any action you take in this direction, be it checking out reliable moving companies or beginning the hunt for your next house makes selling your home that much less of a long shot.

Each of these is a stage that begins to change the idea of selling your home from a approaching cloud of doubt into a doable certainty. I didn’t even mention the easiest and surest pre-sale checklist item. It’s one certain to get the ball rolling:

  • Contact me!……..Realty Ace, LLC

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