Being A Central Mass Multi-Tasking Real Estate Agent Is A Demanding Task

The best real estate agent schooling isn’t something that takes place in a classroom. That Re school toonkind of school is necessary, of course, because some of the most important work every Central Mass real estate agent does has to do with being intimately familiar with the letter of current state laws and Department of Real Estate criticisms.

Observing best practices, keeping on top of all the current professional guidelines and legal regulations does form a solid foundation for building a career in the profession. But important as that is, it’s only a foundation. You have to get busy and build something on it.

As every Central Mass real estate agent soon discovers, doing the kind of effective job that sets you apart begins early in the morning, and often continues long past what is quitting time in many a 9-to-5 occupation. What’s unusual about what goes on during that day is the array of specialized activities to be attended to. Just about every day, you will be energetically juggling tasks satisfying a wide range of different needs, for instance—

  • Pulling and reviewing activity reports from the Multiple Listing Service

Keeping your finger on the pulse of the community yields the up-to-the-hour intelligence that’s a vital resource for sellers and buyers in our active Central Mass market

  • Monitoring and responding to online contacts

Increasingly, as email and messaging become central to real estate activity, nearly immediate response times are the norm

  • Scheduling showings

Arranging showings to accommodate both owners, buyers and handling the inevitable last

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minute changes; calls for organizational perseverance (and an abidingly calm demeanor)

  • Creating and executing media marketing

Fashioning the kind of attractively worded and designed listings is only the start of the all-important media campaigning that translates into results for your clients  

Simultaneously, an accomplished real estate agent often will be keeping track of closing deadline requirements, handling negotiations between buyers and sellers, facilitating communications with home loan brokers, home inspectors, and any number of other facilitators and fielding the dozen other details that might crop up unexpectedly in the course of the day.

Being called upon to wear so many different hats is a challenge that’s not covered in the real estate licensing exams and one that couldn’t be taught in a classroom. At the same time, I can report that at the end of a full day, it’s one of the most rewarding aspects of being a real estate agent in Central Mass. When you give me a call, you can count on my bringing the whole of my energy and experience into play on your behalf!…..Realty Ace, LLC

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